The Team

The Team

Doug Hunter

CFPP President

Mr. Doug Hunter is the CFPP LLC President. Mr. Hunter has 40+ years of experience overseeing the development, construction and operations of electric generation and transmission projects. He has served as past Chair of the American Public Power Associations (APPA) Executive Committee and served on the APPA Board of Directors. Mr. Hunter holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Utah State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of California, Davis.

Mason Baker

CFPP LLC Principal Investigator

Mr. Mason Baker is the CFPP LLC Principal Investigator. Mr. Baker roles in the CFPP LLC includes 1) key interface with the Department of Energy on management of the co-funding award, 2) key interface with congressional appropriations staff, and 3) key interface with UAMPS members, potential subscribers and others in the marketplace. Mr. Baker has law degree from the University of Utah and a Bachelors of Art degree in Philosophy from Colorado College. He holds a certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from the University of Utah.

Shawn Hughes

CFPP LLC Project Director

Dr. Shawn Hughes is the CFPP LLC Project Director. Dr. Hughes is an accomplished executive with more than 40 years of domestic and international experience in the nuclear project management, engineering, construction and D&D fields. His professional skills have been demonstrated through the successful discharge of diverse project and line management responsibilities involving large EPC projects at a variety of commercial nuclear power and nuclear weapon sites. Core competencies include executive management of complex Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects, meeting project technical, cost, schedule, quality, safety, performance and regulatory challenges, recruiting, motivating and leading teams of contractors and the building trades unions, establishing and maintaining successful client relationships, negotiation and administration of labor agreements and other contracts, business development, proposal development and marketing, and commercial nuclear power plant (NPP) operational readiness planning and execution.

Owners’ Engineers 

MPR Logo

MPR’S Role in the CFPP includes:

  • Leading the integrated risk management program for the CFPP LLC, ensuring project stakeholders are aware of key threats and opportunities and their implications, and appropriate actions are being taken to mitigate threats and capture opportunities
  • Leading the oversight of NuScale, particularly the development and deployment of the NuScale Power Modules
  • Leading the oversight of Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensing activities
  • Leading the oversight of the potential operator
  • Providing industry leading subject matter expertise as needed to support technical oversight of the contractors, design, procurement, and construction activities
  • Leading CFPP LLC’s stewardship and development of the project’s financial model needed to present the CFPP LLC member(s), lenders, and the Department of Energy
  • Supporting Burns & McDonnell in oversight of Fluor, particularly the interfaces with NuScale
  • Coordinating the engagement with the Department of Energy to effectively leverage the CFPP LLC’s cost-share award

MPR Experience

MPR is the industry leader for specialty technical, project management, and risk management services. Founded almost 60 years ago by the key leaders who developed the naval nuclear propulsion program under Admiral Rickover, MPR has maintained a focus on nuclear power, regularly working for every nuclear power plant in the U.S. and numerous others world-wide. In recent decades MPR has been at the forefront of the development and deployment of new nuclear technology, leading and making key contributions to industry, utility, EPRI, and Department of Energy projects with the mission to enable program and industry success.

MPR’s broad and deep experience provides a strong foundation to support project success. MPR brings:

  • Experience on “all sides” of new nuclear technology projects, with corresponding insights and understanding of stakeholder perspectives: owner, constructor, operator, technology supplier, and lender
  • Expertise with all key disciplines and areas in a new nuclear technology project: project development, design, licensing, procurement, construction, and start-up
  • Experience leading and facilitating collaborative project teams leveraging strength in project management and a risk mitigation focused approach
  • Hands-on experience leading a new nuclear technology project
  • Deep and influential engagement in the origins of the NuScale SMR program and development of the NuScale Power Module design
  • An exceptional bench of expertise and strengths for reach back to engage industry leading expertise
  • Lead contractor of EPRI and Department of Energy programs that set foundation for successful new nuclear technology projects
  • A passion for influencing success of the project and a legacy of commitment to excellence and the success of all industry stakeholders

MPR Key Personnel

Jim Bubb

Jim Bubb leads MPR’s Owners Engineering practice and has deep experience in the successful execution of capital-intensive projects. He understands project success elements, including integration of multi-disciplinary project teams across various contractors, as well as empowering and promoting accountability from project stakeholders. He has a unique combination of expertise in both the technical and commercial elements associated with first-of-a-kind nuclear projects, and a risk-focused approach that directs decision-making on elements of projects that have the most impact on the project’s cost and schedule.

Mr. Bubb has led many owners and lenders engineering engagements, including nuclear projects, Department of Energy nuclear capital facilities, and numerous first-of-a-kind power projects involving energy storage, offshore wind, high-voltage transmission, carbon capture, and other novel power production technologies. He is also actively shaping EPRI guidance to set a foundation for successful deployment of advanced nuclear projects.


Bob Coward

Bob Coward is Principal Officer of MPR, responsible for all aspects of MPR performance in all engineering disciplines and all business sectors. Prior to becoming Principal Officer, Bob was responsible for leading all MPR’s services to the nuclear power sector worldwide.

During his career at MPR, he has worked on over 100 electric generating plants worldwide, including 58 of the 65 U.S. nuclear power plants. He has also provided strategic technical and management support to key Department of Energy projects and programs. Mr. Coward participates on industry leadership committees and is recognized as an industry leader in the safe and reliable operation of the existing U.S .nuclear power plants. He has also had important and influential industry roles in the design, licensing and development of new nuclear power plants, with leadership roles on the EPRI Advanced Light Water Reactor Program, the DOE NP2010 Program, the STP 3&4 ABWR project (including as Project Director for the entire project), as well as the AP1000, TerraPower, NuScale and other new plant programs.

Mr. Coward regularly engages with nuclear industry executive leadership to be knowledgeable of industry needs and guide MPR to address those challenges and contribute to industry success. Mr. Coward regularly serves on “blue ribbon panels” in support of clients and industry groups addressing important design, regulatory, and operational challenges regarding advanced reactor systems, extended power uprates, safety system performance, significant event evaluations, and new plant projects. A particular skill is leading multi-organization and multi-discipline teams to achieve their missions and deliver excellence, with a focus on collaboration and teamwork.




Burns & McDonnell is providing Owners Engineering Services in the areas of vendor oversight, quality assurance, program governance development, document management, and technical review and approval of vendor engineering deliverables. They are providing integrated project controls from program development to software platform setup and integration.

Burns & McDonnell Experience

Burns & McDonnell Nuclear has experience in domestic and international projects from operating nuclear power plants, Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), Advanced Reactors, Department of Energy and Department of Defense projects.

For operating nuclear power plants, they have performed engineering studies, calculations, complex analyses and designed plant modifications, for both the nuclear steam supply system (NSSS) and balance of plant (BOP). Burns & McDonnell’s experience also includes Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC). They have provided owner’s engineering services for new nuclear power plants currently under design and construction as well as providing program management, project controls and oversight services for plants undergoing large scale refurbishments.

For SMRs and Advanced Reactors, they have performed nuclear design services for the NSSS and BOP, as well as consulting and owner’s engineering services, overseeing engineering, construction, scope, schedule and budgets.

The extensive in-plant experience Burns & McDonnell professionals have means the recommendations and designs are guided by industry best practices, bringing high-quality engineering solutions to every project.

Burns & McDonnell Key Personnel 

Patrick Guevel, Project Manager

Mr. Guevel is a Nuclear Project Manager at Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company. In this role Mr. Guevel is responsible for nuclear project execution and client satisfaction of nuclear projects. He has served on nuclear safety review committees and board oversight committees for nuclear sites. Mr. Guevel has over 30 years’ experience in the nuclear power industry in maintenance, engineering, operations, project and program management. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering. He also has held a Senior Nuclear Reactor Operators license on Wolf Creek Unit 1.

Prior to joining Burns & McDonnell in 2012, Mr. Guevel worked for Tennessee Valley Authority at the Sequoyah and Browns Ferry stations and Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation at the Wolf Creek Generating Station.


Charles Johnson, Project Controls Manager

Mr. Johnson specializes in program management and project controls technology implementation. His diverse background includes power generation engineering, financial analysis, process analysis, project analytics, and project portfolio planning. He is passionate about using visual forms of process documentation and guided reviews to engage project stakeholders in discovering solutions. His collaborative relationships with clients are the basis to help them form foundations, develop, and evolve best practices for project lifecycle management. His project experience includes the creation of a Project Management Office (PMO) for a $12 billion nuclear refurbishment program. Mr. Johnson has degrees in electrical engineering and business administration with an emphasis in finance.


Michael Boyd, Engineering Manager

Mr. Boyd is a Project Manager with more than 21 years of experience in the power industry. Mr. Boyd is experienced in managing engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts, coal fired sub and supercritical boiler technology and erection, air quality control systems, wastewater treatment systems, and ash handling systems.


Glenn J. Neises, Nuclear Director

Mr. Neises is the Nuclear Director at Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, with over 35 years of nuclear power experience.  Mr. Neises is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of all nuclear projects, and initiatives. He has served on nuclear safety review committees, executive oversight committees, nuclear vendor advisory boards and technical review boards.  His previous experience includes over two decades at a nuclear power plant utility and experience at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO).  Mr. Neises has commercial nuclear power experience in engineering, operations support, project management and construction and is a graduate of Kansas State University with a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering.


Terry Krause, Quality Assurance Manager

Mr. Krause is the Nuclear Quality Manager in the Energy Division for Burns & McDonnell. He has over 35 years of experience related to electric generating stations, with most of those years in the areas of quality assurance, quality control and supplier quality. He has the overall responsibility for the successful implementation of the Burns & McDonnell Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and the Nuclear Quality Assurance Program (ASME NQA-1) for the Energy Division. This includes the oversight of client projects and quality reviews during project execution. Mr. Krause was a key member in the development of the Burns & McDonnell Energy Division’s Quality Management System, Nuclear Quality Assurance Program and the Federal-DOE Quality Assurance Program. While at Burns & McDonnell, Mr. Krause has been involved in various quality-related activities, including supplier qualification, development of QA, human performance and export controls training, and Root Cause Analysis.


Fluor’s nuclear experience goes back to the early days of atomic energy. Starting in 1946, Fluor designed and constructed numerous facilities to support the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission/U.S. Department of Energy. In 1970, Fluor entered the commercial nuclear business by constructing Alabama Power’s Farley Nuclear Plant. During the 1970s and 1980s, Fluor designed three nuclear power plants, constructed 10 nuclear power plants and supported construction on another 10 nuclear units. Over the past five decades Fluor has also provided operating plant support services to 90 U.S. and international nuclear units. In 1992, Fluor began performing nuclear decommissioning and environmental cleanup services at the U.S. Department of Energy’s nuclear sites.

In 1996, Fluor expanded its nuclear expertise with the award of the management and operations contract at the DOE Hanford Site. Building on this experience, the Fluor partnership was selected to manage operations, including the Savannah River National Laboratory, at DOE’s Savannah River Site. In 2015, Fluor as part of a consortium was selected to manage the operations of the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. Recently Fluor was awarded two major design services subcontracts for the design of the balance of plant/services of the Savannah River Plutonium Processing Facility and the Tritium Finishing Facility at DOE’s Savannah River Site. Fluor has full scope experience in design, construction, operations/maintenance, decommissioning and demolition and environmental remediation for commercial nuclear power plants and government nuclear materials production facilities.

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Fluor Key Personnel

Parntipa Smith, Program Director

Mrs. Smith has twenty-seven years of experience with Fluor, with domestic and international experience on multiple mega projects through the conceptual engineering to construction phases. Her roles include Process Engineer, Material Manager, Project Operations Manager for the Fluor Houston office, and Project Director for both reimbursable and lump sum Engineering, Procurement, and Construction projects. Currently, Parntipa is the Program Director for the NuScale Standard Plant Design Project and Carbon Free Power Project, as well as supporting other efforts taking place under the Fluor Nuclear Power Group and Fluor’s Nuclear Project Services Business Line.


Steven Roth, Construction Director

Steven Roth is a registered professional engineer with more than 32 years of engineering, construction and program management experience working in the nuclear power, energy, chemicals, industrial, infrastructure and governmental industries. Currently, Steven is serving as construction director for the NuScale Small Modular Reactor power generation Standard Plant Design and Carbon Free Power Project development. He has significant experience managing both direct-hire and CM projects in various labor posture environments from project conception through final project execution in the field. Steven has worked on four mega-projects while working with Fluor at varying levels of responsibility including construction director.


Brian Mitchell, Engineering Manager

Brian Mitchell has more than 25 years of domestic and international experience in engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services for oil, gas, power, chemical, pipeline, onshore, offshore, greenfield, brownfield, and revamp projects across multiple business lines within Fluor. His primary experience has been as project engineering manager for large EPC projects executed across multiple offices and contractors to deliver projects within quality, budget, and schedule expectations. Brian’s project execution experience includes proposal development, feasibility studies, front-end engineering and detailed design. In addition, he has provided fabrication and construction support from the home office as well as the at jobsite. Brian has held positions including manager of engineering for Plant Engineering, structural lead engineer, field structural engineer, and buyer in the material management function. Currently Brian is the engineering director for completion of the NuScale Standard Plant Design and the Carbon Free Power Project, the first project to utilize the NuScale SMR technology.


Frank Dishongh,
President, Fluor’s Nuclear Project Services Business Line

Frank Dishongh is the president of Fluor’s Nuclear Project Services business line, responsible for global operations for project services for EPC execution of NuScale’s small modular reactor nuclear technology. Prior to assuming his current role, Frank was the general manager of Fluor's Houston, Texas, office where he was responsible for daily operations for this office within the Energy Solutions business line.

Since joining the company in 1981, Frank has held various roles. As regional general manager for Fluor’s Middle East operations, he was responsible for all Energy Solutions projects within this region. In addition, he has held roles in project management, engineering management, project controls and construction management for a wide range of project management contractor and engineering, procurement, and construction management projects for refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, wastewater treatment, and manufacturing. These projects have included multiple international locations and assignments in Germany, Japan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. Lastly, he has supported the Amsterdam office in operations and in pursuing various business opportunities in Europe, Russia and Azerbaijan. Frank has more than 35 years of experience in the industry and with Fluor.


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