CFPP Operator

CFPP Operator

Xcel Energy Nuclear Services Holdings has entered into a Term Sheet agreement outlining a process, roles and next steps that would be taken if Xcel Energy were to become a potential operator of the Carbon Free Power Project.

Xcel Energy is an experienced nuclear plant operator and has also signed a memorandum of understanding outlining a Teaming Agreement with NuScale Power to explore becoming a preferred plant operator for future NuScale VOYGR small modular reactor plants. CFPP would be the first such plant.

The term sheet commits the parties to work toward a potential Maintenance and Operating (M&O) contract in mid-2022, with Xcel Energy providing a variety of operating services which could include direct operations.

The Term Sheet outlines tasks and items that will be further negotiated, developed, refined and agreed upon to be included in the final scope of work and services that would be performed by Xcel Energy in the long-term M&O contract, provided the contract is finalized.

Under the Term Sheet, Xcel Energy would assist with Nuclear Regulatory Commission review and approval of the combined operating license application, and provide numerous pre-operation services, including serving as a key consultant on the design and construction of the plant. Xcel Energy would be responsible for refining operating cost estimates as well as developing an operational and governance model, quality assurance, training, emergency planning, human resources and security programs.